Exercise after plastic surgeryAfter a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery, you may be anxious to get back to your regular exercise routine, but it's important to take it easy.  Engaging in vigorous exercise too soon after surgery can result in serious and dangerous complications, like inflammation and swelling, re-opening of incisions, worse post-operative scarring, and infection. Dallas plastic surgeon Paul Pin recommends that plastic surgery patients wait at least six weeks before returning to their normal exercise routines, but that doesn't mean you have to spend six weeks in bed.  Light exercise is important to the healing process.  Taking two or three short walks throughout the day helps avoid blood clots, deep venous thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.  The key is to start light and slowly ease your way back to your normal routine.

Your exercise schedule for the first few weeks after surgery may include:

  • Week 1: Take three five-minute walks per day
  • Week 2: Take three 10-minute walks per day
  • Week 3: Take three 15-minute walks per day
  • Week 4: Take four 15-minute walks per day; talk to your plastic surgeon to find out if you can resume a lighter version of your regular exercise routine
  • Week 5: Ease back into your exercise routine
  • Week 6: Begin to increase the intensity of your workouts

Exercise Guidelines after Specific Procedures

Different types of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery require different types of post-operative physical activity, but everyone's body reacts differently, so it's best to consult your doctor.  These general guidelines can help you plan your activity for the weeks following surgery.


While a liposuction procedure removes fat from specific areas of the body, it is possible to regain weight after surgery. Fortunately, regular physical activity can help counteract these effects.  Start by taking short walks as soon as you feel up to it.  After a week, you can start with light exercise, up to 25 percent of your normal routine, but avoid vigorous exercise like running or aerobics for at three weeks.  Six weeks after surgery, you can begin to increase your exercise routine and slowly get back to normal.

Breast Augmentation

Within a few days after breast augmentation surgery, be sure to take frequent walks.  After three weeks, try some mild stretching of your chest and back.  This will keep your joints flexible and help get rid of the byproducts of surgery faster.  You can begin 25 percent of your normal workout routine after four weeks, 50 percent after five weeks, 75 percent after six weeks, and 100 percent after seven or eight weeks.  Start by working out your lower body, and avoid weightlifting or overhead exercises for at least six weeks.  Always wear a well-supported bra while exercising, even after you're completely healed.


Rhinoplasty leaves the blood vessels in your nose very sensitive, and exercising too soon after surgery can cause nose bleeds and affect the final results. You can start taking light walks the day after surgery, but you should avoid running, jogging, or bending over for at least one week. For the first six weeks after rhinoplasty surgery, be very careful to protect your nose while exercising.  The nasal bones take about six weeks to heal, and the slightest bruise can change the shape of your nose, requiring further surgery.

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