Undergoing breast augmentation can change your life in many ways, some of which you may not have imagined. Clothes will fit better and you’ll have greater self-confidence, but implants can also change the way you work out and even the way you sleep. These concerns even apply to patients who undergo breast lift (mastopexy) with implants.

Many breast augmentation patients ask us if they should wear a bra to sleep after getting implants. Does it have benefits? Can it cause or prevent sagging? Let’s take a moment to explore this issue.

Concerns About Sleep Position and Implants

Sleeping with breast implants is going to be at least a little bit different. If you sleep on your back, there may not be that big a change to your comfort level as you sleep. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers may need to seriously alter their sleep habits. There is also the concern about sagging, which is a common issue when a woman has larger breasts.

In addition to issues with sleep position, there is an old wives’ tale that wearing a bra to bed can contribute to sagging breasts in the long run. If you have implants and want your breasts to look their best, you can understand why these are important concerns that can impact long-term results.

What Doctors Say About Sleeping with a Bra

As a 2018 article in Cosmopolitan UK points out, the old wives’ tale isn’t particularly scientific. In that article, Dr. Seth Rankin notes that a host of factors must also be taken into account when it comes to sagging breasts, which includes genetics, body type, weight gain, weight loss, and the use of tobacco products. Wearing a bra to bed may not be the most important determining factor of sagging or perky breasts.

The jury may be out regarding the effects of sleeping with a bra on when it comes to sagging. The answer is even more nuanced when it comes to sleeping with a bra after breast augmentation surgery.

Sleep with a Bra for at Least a Few Weeks After Getting Implants

In the first two to six weeks after undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it’s important for patients to sleep with their surgical bra on as much as possible, which includes bedtime. During sleep, the surgical bra will:

  • Prevent your breasts from moving so they can heal
  • Minimize discomfort from shifts in breast/implant position
  • Ensure your implants settle and heal in an ideal shape
  • Provide comfort as you are trying to get a restful night of sleep

We will give you guidelines on wearing your surgical bra during sleep, and let you know when you are free to stop wearing it to bed.

You Can Wear a Bra to Bed After You’ve Healed, But You Don’t Need to

Once you’ve fully recovered from breast augmentation surgery, you can decide to sleep without a bra on. In fact, you can continue to wear a bra to bed if you wish.

That’s right, you have a choice, and it’s all based on what feels best to you.

Comfort Is Key When Sleeping with Implants

When it comes to sleeping after breast augmentation, comfort is the key thing to keep in mind. Some patients may feel greater comfort when wearing a bra to bed. Other patients may feel more comfortable sleeping topless.

Think of this as an opportunity to get back in touch with your body, your needs, and what your body feels like. We can offer additional tips on sleeping position and other matters as part of the consultation process.

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