Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Plastic surgery offers many benefits to patients. It can rejuvenate your appearance, balance your facial features, and help you achieve a more toned physique. These are just some of the reasons why we are seeing more male patients at Dr. Paul Pin?s practice.

The key to achieving excellent surgical outcomes for men is to maintain the masculinity of their features while also providing the enhancement they desire. During your consultation, Dr. Pin will discuss your cosmetic goals and possible treatment options so, together, we can develop a treatment plan that will produce a successful outcome. To learn more about the cosmetic surgery procedures we offer to men, read on, and then contact our Dallas, TX practice to schedule a consultation.

Our Procedures

Body Contouring for Men

Body contouring procedures are designed to remove excess fat or skin from specific areas of the body. Your treatment plan may include:


Liposuction allows Dr. Pin to remove pockets of fat from specific areas of the body. To remove the fat, Dr. Pin will administer tumescent injections, which causes the fat to swell and become firmer, making it easier to remove. Then he will use a cannula, a suctioning device with vibrating tip, to break up and remove fat cells. Dr. Pin will sculpt your area of concern to produce a more toned physique.

Tummy Tuck

Some men develop excess skin in the abdominal area, usually in response to significant weight loss or aging. Dr. Pin can perform tummy tuck surgery to address the loose skin. During this procedure, Dr. Pin will create an incision so he can re-drape the skin on the abdomen, remove any excess skin, and close the incisions. This results in smoother and more toned abdominal contours.

Surgery after Weight Loss

Significant weight loss can leave excess skin in other areas of the body, as well. Dr. Pin may recommend the arm lift procedure to address loose skin on the upper arms. Thigh lift surgery tightens the skin on the inner and outer thighs. The body lift procedure focuses on tightening the skin on the buttocks and thighs. One or more of these procedures can be combined with a tummy tuck as part of your skin tightening treatment plan after weight loss.

Male Breast Reduction

Some estimates reveal 30 to 40 percent of men are affected by gynecomastia, a condition that results in enlarged male breasts. For those males who feel self-conscious about their appearance due to this condition, male breast reduction surgery can be performed to remove excess fat and skin from the chest.

Facial Plastic Surgery for Men

Facial plastic surgery can create more balance among your facial features or rejuvenate your appearance. We offer the following face procedures for men:

Facelift & Necklift

As men enter their 50s and 60s, they tend to develop drooping jowls and neck bands. Facelift surgery can treat jowls and the deep creases that form in the lower third of the face, such as nasolabial and marionette lines. Necklift surgery allows Dr. Pin to smooth the skin and tighten the platysma muscle, which loosens with age and creates bands on the neck.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids to remove excess fat, redistribute fat, or remove excess skin. During this procedure, Dr. Pin will create discreet incision in the upper or lower lids. He will then make subtle adjustments to create a more rejuvenated and alert look, while maintaining a masculine and natural appearance.


Men typically undergo rhinoplasty to remove a bump from the bridge of the nose, narrow the bridge, or adjust the tip. Dr. Pin can improve the appearance of your nose while also keeping male aesthetics in mind. For example, the male nose is typically bigger, longer, and wider than the female nose. Dr. Pin will always keep these characteristics in mind when performing the male rhinoplasty procedure.


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