Profractional III™

The Sciton Profractional laser is an erbium (2940nm) laser is a fractionated ablative resurfacing laser that is completely tunable to treat your skin. This laser creates an area of small channels in the skin that extends down into the dermis which stimulates natural collagen remodeling. By creating these microscopic wounds across the surface of the skin it results in the appearance of younger-looking resurfaced and refreshed skin. The Profractional only treats a fraction of the skin and leaves the surrounding tissue intact, which promotes more rapid healing, and less downtime than resurfacing 100% of the skin surface (full field ablative).

The speed of your recovery following treatment can vary based on the treatment’s intensity, and the specific skin concern that you are addressing. Immediately following the treatment, you will have pinprick bleeding in the zone of treatment. Usually you can return to work in approximately 1-2 days, but you will have redness in the treated area. The redness will then fade over the ensuing 1-3 weeks depending on the depth of treatment. For the best results, most patients will need a series of 2-4 treatments, but this may vary depending on the skin condition that is being treated.


  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Post-surgical scars

Profactional Laser Treatment


carring is typically a huge deterrent for anyone that is seeking cosmetic surgery. At our practice, we do everything we can to make sure you have the smallest and least visible scar possible. Unfortunately, for many patients scarring can be extremely unpredictable despite our best efforts. If a patient has a scar that they do not like the appearance of, then the Profractional laser can be a wonderful tool to resurface the scar, as well as the surrounding skin, to make the scar less visible. It is also possible to combine the Profractional with the BBL to treat vascularity and pigmentation associated with the scar as well as the texture of the scar. The number of treatments will vary widely depending on the appearance and size of the scar. We usually recommend starting with a package of 4 treatments and then proceed with further treatments as the patient desires.

Profactional Laser Removal of Post-Surgical Scars