We realize that many patients who do not live in Dallas are interested in having plastic surgery with Dr. Paul Pin. In order make this process easy, we have developed our "out-of-town surgery" protocol. For patients who wish to drive, we are located near the junction of many major Texas highways, including Route 75, and Interstates 30 and 45. For patients who wish to fly in, we are minutes from Love Field and about 30 minutes from DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.) We are certain we can walk you through a process that will ensure complete care and a comfortable, pleasant experience.

To get started, please review the parts of our website dealing with the surgery you are interested in. It will supply you with useful information on choosing a surgeon, preparing for surgery, recovery, and much more. We feel the more educated you get about your surgery, the more comfortable the entire process will be.

STEP ONE - The Initial Contact

1. Travel to Dallas for a consultation and exam with Dr. Pin.


2. Take our Virtual Consultation from the privacy or your own home prior to traveling to our Dallas office.  The purpose of our online consultation consultation is to find if you are a candidate for surgery what procedure is most appropriate for your particular case. Our Patient Coordinator will give you the necessary information regarding costs and scheduling. She will also help you with suggestions for accommodations in Dallas, as well as discuss the length of your stay.

STEP TWO - Scheduling and Surgery

Once you have decided to proceed with surgery, our Patient Coordinator will help you select a date. If you have never met Dr. Pin before (if you had a Virtual Consultation,) you will have a pre-operative visit with him the day before your surgery, where he will go over in detail, your physical examination, the details of the proposed surgery, and what to expect in your recovery.

The next morning your surgery will be performed at one of the facilities Dr. Pin uses. In many cases, out-of-town patients spend the evening in the hospital to ensure they are comfortable and properly attended to. It is possible for a friend or family member to spend the night with the patient if so desired.

STEP THREE - Recovery

Dr. Pin personally makes rounds the next day to makes sure his patients are recovering uneventfully. Patients who have had relatively brief procedures, such as a breast augmentation, can usually travel home within a day or two. More involved procedures, or multiple procedures, usually require a few more days in Dallas. We do not want you traveling until we are sure you are doing well. Your health and safety will remain our number one priority.

You will return home delighted and rested. Everyone will agree your "vacation" had a tremendously positive impact on you!