Unlike the facelift, the browlift treatment targets the eyebrows and forehead. During the browlift procedure, Dr. Paul Pin lifts and tightens excess skin and smooth out wrinkles on the forehead to produce a more rejuvenated appearance. Contact our Dallas office today to schedule your browlift consultation.

When Should I Start Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery?

This is a very common question posed by middle-aged women and men who are just noticing the first signs of facial aging. Dr. Pin tries to focus on why rather than when. Some lucky people just seem genetically shielded from aging and look great well into their 60s. The rest of us (an envious lot) notice aging around 40 when our brows begin to settle. Frequently, this condition goes unrecognized but is brought to our attention by a well-meaning friend or family member: ?Are you mad?? ?Are you tired?? and ?You look unhappy? may be comments you receive more often. Others describe their low brow appearance.

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Full Fontal View - Browlift


This 47 year old felt she looked angry. To open her eyes and treat her tired look, she underwent a browlift.

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Frontal View - Browlift with Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery

Browlift with Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery

This 66 year old look older than her age, and wanted to rejuvenate her upper face. She underwent a hairline brow lift with and upper and lower blepharoplasty.

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Fontal View - Upper Eyelid Surgery with Browlift

Upper Eyelid Surgery with Browlift

This 55 year old really looked older than her age and wanted something done. She felt her eyes used to be one of her best features and wanted them more revealed.

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How a Forehead Lift Can Help

Brow position refers not only to our eyebrows but also the excess tissue in our upper eyelids, particularly in the outer aspect where "crow's feet" develop. Droopy or ptotic brows frequently cause patients to seek help because the excess skin obscures their upper lids making it hard to wear eye shadow. Some of our Dallas browlift patients feel their eyes look smaller. Interestingly, few patients realize it is their brows that need treatment rather than just their eyelids.

When discussing eyelid or orbital rejuvenation with a patient, it is easy to demonstrate how they will look with their brows elevated. The patient can expect to look refreshed, happier, and more open-eyed without looking surprised or startled. Additionally, browlifts dramatically reduce forehead wrinkles and frown lines.

The Browlift Procedure

For practical purposes, there are three different approaches to brow elevation: endoscopic, hairline, and coronal (top of the head).

An endoscopic browlift uses two or three 1-inch incisions just behind the hairline. A camera called an endoscope is then inserted and used to free the brows so they can be elevated. This procedure has been commonly performed for about 15 years and uses modern technology to allow brow elevation through limited incisions. Unfortunately, results are unpredictable; while some patients achieve their goals, others experience minimal long-term improvement. Endoscopic browlifts are most useful among patients who are averse to long incisions or desire only subtle brow elevation.

Hairline and coronal brow lifts are more traditional techniques and involve long incisions, either at the hairline or about 4 inches behind it, as in a coronal browlift. Coronal browlifts will move the hairline back and are therefore useful in patients with thick hair and a low or normal hairline.

Hairline browlifts actually reduce the height of the forehead and are popular in patients with long foreheads (or high hairlines). Though each technique results in scalp numbness, they tend to elevate the brow much more effectively and reliably than an endoscopic lift.

However, there is no right way to perform a browlift. As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, the advantages and disadvantages of a given technique have to be considered in light of a patient?s goals and preferences.

Browlift Recovery and Results

The setting and recovery for browlift depend on whether it is done alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as a facelift. When done as the only procedure, or with a blepharoplasty, a browlift is more commonly done under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Browlifts result in significant swelling and bruising for a few days, and most patients report moderate discomfort. Fortunately, recovery is rapid and most patients can return to work within a week or so.

Overall, browlift is a clever way to restore a rested, more youthful appearance to the upper face. Our Dallas browlift patients frequently find a browlift makes them look as good as they feel.

Browlift Costs

Dr. Pin generally charges between $4,200 and $5,000 for browlift surgery. Visit our costs and fees page for more information about browlift pricing.

Dallas Browlift Consults

For confidential, personalized information at no cost or obligation, please schedule your forehead lift consultation at our Dallas office. Browlift surgeon Paul Pin can determine if you are a good candidate for browlift treatment and discuss the costs associated with your desired facial cosmetic surgery procedure.

Browlift surgery is real surgery and involves risks such as bleeding, infection, and scarring. Results vary. Dr. Pin will be happy to discuss these and other risks of browlift.