Breast Lift: Before and After Photos

Although breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure that patients undergo, it is not necessarily the right procedure for all women. A breast lift is meant to reposition the breast higher on the chest wall to correct for droopiness or sagging following dramatic changes to the size and shape of the breasts, such as that caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding or substantial weight loss. While Dr. Paul Pin can perform a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure, the lift can also be done alone.

Breast Lift Procedure

There are three techniques that Dr. Pin can use to perform a breast lift procedure.

Nipple and areola repositioning

For some women, particularly those with small breasts and/or only a small amount of droop, all that may be needed is to position the nipple and areola (the area of darker skin around the nipple) higher on the breast. In this case, Dr. Pin will make an incision around the areola and nipple structure, move it to a higher point on the breast, and then suture it back into place.

Lollipop incision

This incision pattern is best for moderate amounts of sag or droop. In addition to the circular incision around the areola, Dr. Pin will make another incision from the underside of the areola down to the inframammary crease (the point where the underside of the breast meets the chest wall). Any droop will be addresses as the breast is moved into a higher position on the chest.

Anchor incision

This incision pattern is used when there is severe droopiness, such that the areola and the nipple have fallen below the level of the inframammary crease. It adds a third incision following this crease, to create the anchor pattern.

Before and After Photos

Breast Lift Before and After Photos

This is an excellent example of the appearance that can be achieved from just a breast lift procedure. In this case, it is obvious that the breasts have been lifted because the nipple and areola structures have been placed at a higher place on the chest and droopiness from the underside of the breasts has been reduced.

Breast Lift After Gastric Bypass

This case shows how the appearance of the breasts can be improved following dramatic weight loss. In the before picture, it is easy to see that the breasts have become droopy due to loss of skin elasticity from the change in weight. This is because the breasts are primarily made of fatty tissue. The after picture shows that the breasts have been lifted up, but not reduced in size.

Breast Lift with Breast Reduction

This case shows the results that can be achieved from combining a breast lift with a breast reduction procedure. Not only has the breast been lifted higher, but the overall volume has been reduced. However, the general breast shape remains the same.

While many breast augmentation patients also will opt for a breast lift, the latter procedure can also be performed alone. The end result will be fuller, more youthful looking breasts, but without the need for implants.