Now that summer is coming to an end, we’ve hit an excellent time for plastic surgery. The fall is a great time to consider undergoing cosmetic procedures. There are so many advantages to waiting until this time of year for facial plastic surgery or body contouring treatments. By speaking with an experienced Dallas, TX cosmetic surgeon, you can further optimize the timing of your surgery for the best possible results.

Let’s take a moment to consider why the autumn is a great time of year for plastic surgery. The list of benefits below should make it clear why so many people schedule their surgeries starting around September.

The Weather Is Cooler

It’s been a sweltering summer throughout most of the country. Once autumn has settled in, the weather will cool down considerably. This makes a major difference for people healing from any sort of surgery. Cool means comfort, and comfort is key.

Cooler weather makes surgical recovery much easier and more relaxing, reducing the severity of side effects such as swelling. You won’t have to deal with excessive heat and humidity, both of which can lead to discomfort as you are trying to get some rest.

Daylight Hours Are Shorter

Getting too much sun after surgery can adversely affect the final results of your procedure. You really need to guard your skin from the sun’s UV rays at all times, especially after a surgical procedure.

During autumn, the hours of daylight decrease. This helps protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, making the recovery process much easier on you.

Easier to Take Time Off

People often take long vacations during the summer. With so many people out of town traveling, it can be difficult to arrange for time off at work to recover from surgery. That changes once the fall is upon us. People tend to return to work in the fall, and don’t take lengthy vacations again until the holiday season.

Thanks to people’s habits in the fall, you’re more likely to get the vacation time you need. You will at least find it easier to ask co-workers to cover your shifts as you recuperate.

Fall Fashion Conceals Healing Bodies

As the weather gets cooler, shorts, skirts, and revealing tops give way to stylish yet more modest fashion. Sweaters, coats, long sleeves, tights, and pants are all garments that can conceal surgical scars. Since people show less skin during the fall, your fashion choices won’t seem so conspicuous.

To put it another way, fall fashion means no one will realize you’re recovering from plastic surgery. They will, however, be able to admire the final outcomes of your cosmetic procedure.

Results Just in Time for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Thanksgiving and the winter holidays offer chances to make major impressions on others. If you undergo plastic surgery in the fall, you should be fully healed just in time for end-of-the-year holiday gatherings.

Additionally, you’ll give surgical scars months to heal and gradually fade. A fall plastic surgery means you will be more than ready for spring and summertime the following year.

Learn More about Cosmetic Surgery

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