Thank you for your interest in our office. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about why, in today's competitive environment, Dr. Pin may be the ideal plastic surgeon for you.

Training and experience: Following six years of specialized surgical training, Dr. Pin was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons in 1991. He has been in practice in Dallas at Baylor University Medical Center for over 16 years and has performed literally thousands of plastic surgery procedures. This vast experience has allowed him to adapt and modify different surgical techniques so as to give his patients the best possible results, while at the same time anticipating and avoiding problems associated with plastic surgery.

Throughout his years in practice, Dr. Pin has continued his "training" by constantly evaluating and assessing new procedures in plastic surgery. His goal is to afford patients the most up-to-date methods in order to provide great results with the least discomfort and the quickest recovery possible. He is careful to examine new procedures thoroughly before offering them to patients 'as" the unfortunate truth is that most new and great procedures are, in the long run, neither new nor great While often not the first plastic surgeon to try a new procedure, Dr. Pin's patients can be assured that if he offers an operation, it is safe, proven, and effective.

Judgment: Plastic surgery is difficult in part because the most complicated decisions rely heavily on the plastic surgeon's judgment and experience. The fundamental issue, which, is too often taken for granted, is should a given patient have surgery at all. Plastic surgery is not for everyone, and because of cost, risks, recoveries, and consequences such as scarring, it may not be appropriate for every interested patient Dr. Pin believes it is his responsibility to identify and operate on only those who are well-suited surgical candidates.

If surgery seems reasonable, the next question is how to match the right operation with the patient.

For example, this is frequently the case for woman who particularly after having children are interested in improving their abdomen. Since there is no absolute right answer, Dr. Pin must assist the patient in deciding which operation is best suited for her based on her anatomy, lifestyle, recovery, and feelings about scarring. This process is crucial as a frequent cause of patient dissatisfaction is the "wrong" operation on the "right" patient.

Finally, reliable judgment is essential in order to determine how long or how extensive a particular procedure can be for a patient before it becomes unsafe. With the advent of "Extreme Makeover," patients are often captivated by the idea of having a dramatic makeover done in one extensive setting. While this can occasionally be accomplished, Dr. Pin will utilize his experience and judgment to determine the safest manner in which to achieve someone's ultimate "makeover."

Competence: Although there are many significant factors in selecting a plastic surgeon none is more important than competence. After all, competence is what really determines your result. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons both demonstrate the fact that Dr. Pin's peers find him to be highly competent. Dr. Pin has received public recognition of his competency by being named one of the Top U.S. Doctors. However, it is Dr. Pin's opinion that one of the greatest public recognitions he has received comes from his selection in both ''D'' Magazine and Texas Monthly as one of Dallas' top plastic surgeons.

Finally, it is through his involvement in the training of young plastic surgeons from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School of Dallas that Dr. Pin derives a great sense of professional gratification. While he feels it is a privilege to work with these young, talented doctors, he is extremely proud of the fact that on several occasions he has received awards for his teaching excellence.

Safety: Dr. Pin's philosophy is that because plastic surgery is elective, it should be as safe as possible. He feels his approach to safety is uncompromising. As a result, all of his surgeries are performed in a hospital setting. Though seldom needed, this gives patients the additional availability of both emergency medical equipment as well as the assistance of physicians of other specialties to aid with any unforeseen problems that arise during or after surgery. Furthermore, this allows patients the opportunity to spend the night following their surgery whenever they choose.

Similarly, all anesthesia is administered by board certified anesthesiologists, rather than by nurses. Dr. Pin feels that an anesthesiologist's more extensive training and experience better equips them to deal with those infrequent, but occasionally life-threatening, complications of anesthesia. Moreover, the quality of the anesthetic seems to be better, with fewer patients experiencing postoperative nausea.

Dr. Pin's goal is to minimize risk for every patient in every way he can. He is continually reexamining his techniques in order to enhance safety and reduce complications.

Compassion: Finally, Dr. Pin honestly cares that his patients are happy. He and his office staff are dedicated to patient satisfaction and great long-term results. His practice is founded on the belief that if patients are treated well and are happy with their results, they will be kind enough to refer family and friends. To achieve this end, the office uses a team approach to ensure that every patient feels unique and appreciated.

Conclusions: Based on his training, judgment, and competence, Dr. Pin has the ability to deliver the highest quality results in plastic surgery. His ultimate desire is to make sure each patient finds this experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Hopefully, you will allow Dr. Pin the opportunity to work with you to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Paul G. Pin, M.D.
Board Certified,
American Board of Plastic Surgery Dallas, Texas

Plastic surgery is real surgery and involves risks such as bleeding, infection, and scarring. Results vary. Dr. Pin will be happy to discuss these and other risks of surgery.