Thigh Lift Costs

Despite the best exercise regimen and diet plan, some areas of the body are invariably more difficult to tone than others. It seems as though no matter how many calories are counted while eating or burned while exercising, certain areas, such as the thighs, still look flabby. However, if diet and exercise do not produce the desired results, a thigh lift cosmetic surgical procedure might be a viable means to get the thighs looking just as fit and toned as the rest of the body. Dr. Pin can help patients get the shape they desire, including trouble spots such as the thighs.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

In a thigh lift procedure, an incision is made along the groin, possibly extending down the inner thigh or around the hipbone. The skin and underlying tissue are then lifted up, pulled tight, and sutured back into place after the excess skin is removed. A thigh lift procedure is only designed to remove excess flabby skin. It does not remove fat from the thighs, but it can be done in conjunction with a liposuction procedure, which does remove excess fat.

There are varying incision patterns that can be used, depending upon the area to be tightened. A medial thigh lift procedure involves an incision at the crease of the upper front of the thigh and the groin. An outer thigh lift procedure uses an incision along the groin, and then follows the hipbone around to the back. Either a medial or an outer thigh lift can be performed to tighten skin on the inner or outer thighs.

Thigh Lift Procedure Costs

Dr. Pin charges anywhere between $7,000 and $8,000 for a thigh lift procedure, depending upon the extent of work to be done. This amount covers not only Dr. Pin's fees, but those of the anesthesiologist and the surgical center, as well as any overnight hospital stays that may be needed. There is a discount for combining procedures, such as a thigh lift combined with a liposuction or a buttock lift.

Dr. Pin accepts cash, check, all major credit cards, and offers patient financing. 

Many patients who opt for a thigh lift procedure are fully committed to looking their best. A thigh lift procedure can help them do just that. If you are interested in undergoing a thigh lift, schedule a consultation at Dr. Pin's Dallas practice. Dr. Pin can determine if you are a good candidate for this skin tightening procedure.