Getting the best results from breast augmentation surgery means properly tailoring the procedure to the needs of the patient. When Dr. Paul G. Pin meets with patients, he takes time to go over all of the risks, benefits, and surgical technique considerations in great detail. This focus on patient education is what sets him apart from other cosmetic surgeons in the Dallas, TX area. His focus is the patient and their goals.

Below, we’d like to go over some of the factors that go into picking the right breast implants with patients. This is just the surface, and there is more to discuss during the consultation process.

The Right Type of Implants: Saline, Silicone, or Gummy Bear

There are three kinds of implant filler that are used today.

  • Saline - Saline implants are filled with a safe salt water solution. They are the only implants that can be placed through incisions hidden in the belly button or the armpits.
  • Silicone - Silicone breast implants have the most realistic look and feel of the various implant types, making them a very popular choice among patients.
  • Gummy Bear - Gummy bear implants are also filled with silicone, though it’s firmer type of silicone, meaning they aren’t quite the same as traditional silicone implants.

There are various pros and cons to consider when determining the composition of breast implants. These need to be considered along with other the factors below.

The Right Implant Size

Implants will make your breasts larger, but there’s a question of how much larger a patient should go. Plastic surgeons consider how the implant size complements your chest dimensions, your shoulder width, and other aspects of your figure. Natural-looking results and proportions are most ideal.

The Right Implant Shape

Breast implants come in either round or teardrop shapes. Round implants are the standard dome-shaped implants you’re most familiar with. Teardrop-shaped implants have a slope to them like natural breast contour. The patient’s natural breast tissue and body type will determine the ideal implant shape.

The Right Implant Profile

Implant profile refers to the amount of outward projection an implant provides. High profile implants mean more projection, and tend to be better for patients with narrower chests. Low profile implants are not as pronounced, and tend to be better for patients with broader chests.

The Right Surgical Technique

In addition to all of the implant options above, the surgical technique can determine the right kind of implants to use. Patients who want hidden incisions during surgery will need to get saline implants, for example. For patients who have sagging breasts they’d like to enlarge, combining breast implants with a breast lift might be the most ideal option. There’s also a question of where the implant is placed relative to the pectoral muscle, which may affect the approach a surgeon takes to the procedure.

Covering All of Your Breast Implant Options

There’s no one right way to perform breast augmentation surgery, which is why it’s crucial that patients visit our practice in person for a consultation. We can go over all of considerations above in detail and develop a full surgical treatment plan in which the patient is an active and essential participant.

Our goal is to help you feel confident about the surgery and all of the decisions you make. This leads to better patient satisfaction and results.

Speak with an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

If you would like more information about breast implants and getting the best results from surgery, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Paul G. Pin and his team are here to help.