Dr. Paul Pin has helped countless patients enhance their appearance and self-confidence through breast augmentation surgery. His expertise and honest insights mean that patients will receive excellent care, with natural-looking results.

Dr. Pin’s help goes beyond the surgical suite, however. He also offers patients practical advice on what to expect after they get breast implants. With that in mind, let’s offer some tips on how to pick a bra after breast augmentation surgery, and why the proper fit matters so much.

Surgical Bras During the Surgical Recovery Process

Wearing a surgical bra after getting breast implants is extremely helpful for patients. The surgical bra provides support to the breasts as they are healing, which means less pain and discomfort and a better overall healing experience. The surgical bra can even help manage post-surgical swelling.

During the consultation process, we can help you pick the right size and type of surgical bra that fits properly and aids with recovery.

Find Bras That Offer Support and Comfort

When you’ve healed from surgery and are looking for new bras, your primary focus should be on support and comfort. Your new bras should be able to support your breasts so they don’t feel as if they’re hanging or drooping their own. The bra should also offer this support comfortably, without squeezing or compressing the breasts.

Get a Professional Bra Sizing/Fitting

Getting a professional bra sizing/fitting is one of the ideal ways to find a bra that fits right after breast augmentation surgery. This service is offered by many lingerie stores, specialty boutiques, and department stores. We can offer some recommendations during a post-op consultation. You can also ask friends and family if they have recommendations for places that do bra sizing. There’s always Google as well, and a simple search like “bra sizing/fitting in Dallas” can yield lots of promising leads.

When you get sized for a bra, you can learn the best cup size for you, as well as measurements for the bra straps, the bra band, and bridge between the cups, and so on.

The Benefits of Front Closure Bras

With larger breasts, reaching around your back to unhook a bra can be challenging. That’s why some patients may want to consider getting a front closure bra or a few front closure bras. They’re much easier to take on and take off.

Avoid Underwire Bras

For most breast augmentation patients, it’s a good idea to avoid underwire bras. The underwire can feel uncomfortable along the undersides of the breasts. If you have implants placed through an inframammary incision, the underwire can irritate the scar tissue, adding to the discomfort.

Find a Sports Bra for Your Workouts

If you’re going to exercise or play sports, it’s always best to wear a sports bra. The support provided during physical activity will be crucial for comfort and to prevent sagging later in life. Just like regular undergarments, focus on support and comfort when looking for a sports bra. Try on different sports bras from different companies since the fit can vary a great deal.

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