Otoplasty is an ear surgery that is performed to improve how the ears look or to repair an injury that has occurred to the ear. Because the reason for the surgery varies and the extensiveness of the surgery varies, it is difficult to pin down a specific cost, as each patient's situation will be a little bit different. 

Otoplasty Costs

Costs for this type of surgery will include a fee for the surgeon, a fee for use of the facility, anesthesia, medications, dressing for the area after the surgery, and whatever medical tests are necessary in order to ensure that the individual is prepared for the surgery and that the body is healthy enough to have the surgery. At Dr. Paul Pin's practice, all of these costs are bundled together when discussing the overall cost of undergoing otoplasty surgery.

Dr. Pin charges $8,600 for otoplasty surgery, though the costs may be lower if just one ear needs the surgery. Of course, the price of the surgery should not be the only factor when choosing a surgeon for otoplasty.

To learn the specific cost of otoplasty for you or your child, contact Dr. Pin's practice to schedule a consultation. Dr. Pin can provide a surgical quote so you can make financial arrangements for surgery.