Liposuction versus Non-surgical Fat Removal Options

You’ve spent months working out, eating right, and counting calories. All of that hard work has finally paid off, and you are now finally at your weight loss goal. However, you may still have some stubborn fat deposits that just haven’t quite disappeared, in spite of everything that you have done.

Obviously, you are eager to show off the new you in the latest spring and summer fashions, but you want to address those few remaining problem areas beforehand. In cases such as these, a minimally invasive liposuction procedure or a non-surgical alternative, such as cryolipolysis to freeze the fat cells and break them down, are generally considered to be the available options.

But which will give you the best results? Read further as Dr. Paul Pin explains some of the basics as to what you should expect from each type of procedure, as well as the results that each will offer.


Liposuction is one of the most common procedures that Dr. Pin performs for our patients. It is specifically designed to remove fat deposits that have not responded to a regimen of fat-burning exercise and a balanced, low-fat diet. However, the procedure is not designed for weight loss.

Liposuction can be performed on a number of areas on the body, including the inner and outer thighs, hips, buttocks, back, and arms. However, the abdomen is the most popular area that patients want targeted for removing unwanted fat.

For a liposuction procedure, Dr. Pin will first make a number of small incisions in the area from where the fat will be removed. He will then use a long, hollow, metal tube inserted through the incisions to suction out the fat with the help of a vacuum pump.

Non-invasive Fat Removal Techniques

There are several techniques that can be used for non-invasive fat removal. As mentioned previously, cryolipolysis freezes fat cells, causing them to break down and be re-absorbed back into the body. Radiofrequency treatments work in a similar fashion to break down fat cells by hitting them with radio waves until they break down. Cold lasers are a slightly different method, in that they liquefy the fat, so that it leaks out of the cell, making the actual fat cells shrink in size.

What’s the Difference?

Perhaps the biggest difference between liposuction and non-invasive fat removal is in terms of results. Non-invasive methods only remove a minimal amount of fat. On the other hand, if you want to remove larger pockets of fat cells, a liposuction procedure is a better option. When you consider the investment you have already made toward your weight loss goals, a liposuction procedure will effectively remove fat.

A second difference can be seen in terms of doctor training. Non-invasive fat removal techniques can be done right in a doctor’s office. While this may seem to be more convenient, the doctor providing this procedure does not necessarily need to be board-certified as a plastic surgeon. In comparison, Dr. Pin is a board-certified plastic surgeon, which makes him uniquely qualified to perform liposuction procedures.

Finally, liposuction requires only one procedure to achieve your desired goal. On the other hand, it may take several visits to get the results that you want from non-surgical fat removal methods.

You’ve accomplished a great deal by losing weight. Being able to show that off to your friends and family is a great reward. Overall, liposuction can provide you with better results, from a more qualified surgeon, which will last longer than you will get from a non-surgical fat removal procedure.