Is It Time to Consider Facelift Surgery?

You've tried almost every moisturizer, exfoliant, and sunscreen on the market. The drawers in your bathroom are filled with half-used jars, tubes, and bottles that have not fulfilled their promise of reducing lines, wrinkles, and discoloration on your face. You may think that improving your facial skin is a completely hopeless task.

Before you try yet another failed experiment to make your face look younger, you should ask yourself if it may be time to consider undergoing a facelift procedure to help you reach your goals. Many of Dr. Paul Pin's patients have felt the exact same way about their facial appearance.

What Causes Wrinkles, Lines, and Sagging Skin?

Problems such as wrinkles, lines, and sagging facial skin are usually the result of collagen loss to the face. Collagen is a protein that your body makes in order to fill out your skin over your skeletal framework. You may lose collagen due to either aging or excessive sun exposure.

Are Topical Collagen Treatments Effective?

If you open up that drawer full of skin treatments, you may notice that several of them claim to include collagen as one of their primary active ingredients. Although many facial creams may advertise that they contain collagen, the truth is that they cannot penetrate below the skin's surface to really firm up sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Will Dermal Fillers Help?

Dr. Pin will inject a small amount of the filler just under the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While these dermal fillers are good for areas that have just a minimal amount of lines and wrinkles, they may not be effective if you are looking for overall improvement of the face. Additionally, dermal fillers will only last from 12 to 18 months, and injections will need to be repeated to maintain your results.

Why Are Facelifts a Good Option?

You may be shying away from undergoing a facelift procedure because you are afraid that it will give you the appearance of having your skin stretched too tightly over your skull. Fortunately, those days of overly taut facelifts are now in the past. Facelift surgery techniques have advanced to the point where you will get completely natural looking results.

Furthermore, facelift procedures no longer mean having the entire face lifted at once. Dr. Pin can certainly do that, but he can also target specific areas of the face for lifting, such as the forehead and eyebrow area, the cheeks, or just the mouth, chin and neck. This will provide you with the most natural results possible.

It may be time for you to finally retire that bathroom drawer of skin treatments and look toward a more permanent solution to sagging facial skin, lines, and wrinkles. Dr. Pin is more than happy to see you for a consultation visit to help you decide if a facelift procedure is the right option for you to get more effective facial improvement.