When we think of summer, we imagine spending warm days outside, often playing sports, having outdoor barbeque parties, or swimming in the pool or the ocean waves. Of course, summer is also the time when you will want to wear your most body-baring outfits, whether they are dresses, skirts, shorts, or bikinis.

Odds are good you’ve been working hard all winter in order to get ready for that first day of summer when you can show off the results of your efforts in one of those summer outfits. You’re already on a regular routine of exercise to burn off excess calories and a sensible, low-fat diet. Although you are pleased with the progress you’ve made so far, you may see some areas that are not quite where you want them to be. This can be quite frustrating.

Fortunately, there are several cosmetic procedures that can help get your body ready for the summer heat, but the time to act is now, so that you will be fully recovered in time to wear that brand new bathing suit or little black dress. Below, Dr. Pin shares some of the top procedures his patients request in order to get in shape for summer.


If you have stubborn pockets of fat that are not budging, despite your best efforts, a liposuction procedure might be a good option as a finishing touch to get in shape for summer. For this procedure, Dr. Pin will make a series of small incisions in the area that will be targeted for fat removal. He will then use a thin, hollow, metal tube attached to a small vacuum to remove the fat. Dr. Pin may also use lasers or ultrasound to break down the fat cells, making them easier to remove. Another popular technique, tumescent liposuction, involves injections of a combination of a local anesthetic and epinephrine just below the surface of the skin, which causes the fat cells to swell and move closer to the surface. This makes them easier to remove.

Body Contouring or Lifting

If you have lost a dramatic amount of weight, you may notice that you have been left with excess skin and underlying tissue, as well as loose muscle structure. A body contouring, or lifting, procedure can correct for this. It can be done in a number of areas on the body, but is most often done in the abdominal area, where it is referred to as a tummy tuck. For this procedure, Dr. Pin will make incisions to gently lift up the skin and underlying tissue. He will then tighten up loose muscles by suturing them together, and then drape the tissue and skin over the tightened muscle structures. Finally, he will remove any excess before suturing the remaining skin and tissue back into place.

Breast Augmentation

Perhaps you are looking for a way to better fill out that bathing suit. If so, a breast augmentation could be the ideal summer cosmetic procedure for you. Breast implants are filled with a saline or silicone solution, and are placed either behind the mammary glands (subglandular) or the pectoral muscles (subpectoral). There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of material and placement location.

Implants come in different sizes, as well as profiles, which is the ratio of the implants width to its height. Depending upon the width of your chest, you may want to select an implant of either a low or a high profile. Dr. Pin can help you select an implant of the proper size and profile that will best fit your particular frame.

Summertime is the time to spend outdoors, having fun with friends and family at the beach or by the pool. Why not look your best while doing so? A cosmetic procedure can help you do just that.