The cost of plastic surgery varies from patient to patient and from procedure to procedure here at Dr. Paul Pin's office. For this reason, it's difficult to quote an exact price for any procedure or patient. However, most patients can plan on a range price to begin with and get a more specific quote when they visit Dr. Pin for a facelift consultation. This blog post includes information on the costs for a facelift and how to plan financially for this type of surgery.

Cost of Facelift

A facelift is one of the more complicated of the plastic surgery procedures, and should be performed by a skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Pin. Since facelift surgery is complex, it is associated with a higher price tag than many other procedures. Patients of Dr. Pin's Dallas practice can plan on paying $16,000 - $18,000.

Ways to Pay

The facelift procedure is a costly expense for almost anyone. As such, it is important to think about options for payment. Here are just a couple of ideas to assist facelift patients in paying for the procedure.

  • Saving - The best way to pay for facelift surgery is to save the money ahead of time and pay for the procedure in full at the time of treatment. This way, patients don't have to worry about any type of financing or monthly bills. To save the extra money, many patients will make small sacrifices like eating meals at home, spending less on entertainment, and saving a portion of each paycheck. It's surprising for patients to realize how much they really can save up for the procedure they desire when they make a plan for saving.
  • Financing - If saving up enough money is not an option before the scheduled date of the procedure, many patients will elect to get financing such as a credit card. This can be a great way to pay off an expense. Patients should look for low interest rates, low monthly payments, and only borrow from a credible and trusted lender.  
  • Other payment options - Patients can pay for the cost of treatment through traditional methods such as cash, checks, or credit cards. Patients may also be interested in obtaining no or low interest financing through Prosper Healthcare Lending or United Medical Credit.

These are just a few of the options for covering the costs of facelift surgery. Prior to treatment, patients should contact their plastic surgeon's office to learn more about facelift costs and if there are any financing options available. To get an exact facelift quote, patients can contact Dr. Paul Pin's office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Pin will examine the face, neck, and jowls to determine if facelift surgery is appropriate.