Eyelid Surgery for Men’s Eyes

While the majority of cosmetic surgery patients are women, there are still a significant number of men who opt for surgery as well. Dr. Paul Pin has many male patients that wish to improve their appearance.

However, male patients that undergo eyelid surgery want to make sure that their eyes will not look too feminine. There are some important differences between men and women in terms of the structure and shape of the eyes, eyelids, and eyebrows. What are the differences between male and female eyes, and how do they affect the techniques that Dr. Pin uses to perform eyelid surgery on men?

Male versus Female Eye Shape

As a general rule, the female eye tends to be rounder and wider than the male eye, which is enhanced by an upper eyelid that arches upward in the middle. The lashes also tend to be longer and more curved for women than for men, adding to the wider and rounder appearance of the eyes.

By comparison, men’s eyes are often narrower, with a more angular appearance then a woman’s eyes. Men often have straighter, shorter lashes than women, which can make their eyes look even narrower.

When performing eyelid surgery on men, Dr. Pin will use more angular incisions along the upper lash line to avoid making the upper eyelid appear too round, which can make the eyes look the feminine.

Male versus Female Upper Eyelid Structure and Shape

In terms of surgery to widen the eyes, the biggest difference may be between the male and female upper eyelid structure and shape. Men’s eyelids are heavier, with more skin that is thicker than women’s. This can result in men having a more hooded look to their eyes as they get older.

When performing eyelid surgery on men, Dr. Pin must not only remove more skin, but also use more angular incisions. Furthermore, the incisions will be deeper to account for the thicker skin, so they must be carefully placed so as not to be as noticeable afterward.

Male versus Female Eyebrow Position and Shape

Finally, men’s brows tend to be straighter and placed lower on the forehead than women’s. This can be important if Dr. Pin is doing a brow lift to help open up the eyes.

As a general rule, he will not lift the male brow as much as the female brow. Furthermore, the brow will need to be lifted so that it is straight, rather than arched, as men’s eyebrows tend to have less of an arch in the middle than do women’s eyebrows.

While it is true that most patients who request eyelid surgery to open up their eyes and create a more youthful appearance are women, it is important to understand how performing this surgery on women will differ from the surgery on men. Dr. Pin can help his male patients achieve a younger look to their eyes while maintaining a masculine look to their features.

To find out if eyelid surgery, brow lift, or another procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Pin’s practice today.