Eyelid Surgery Costs

One of the more difficult things to manage in terms of preparing for cosmetic eyelid surgery is how to determine the best financing options. Because eyelid surgery is an elective procedure it is an out of pocket expense and patients need to know what is involved in the cost of their eyelid surgery. Dr. Paul Pin's staff can help patients navigate the financing process for their surgery. The goal is to help patients find the most appropriate payment option.

Cost for Eyelid Surgery

At Dr. Pin's Dallas practice, the cost for eyelid surgery ranges from $5,000 to $7,000. The actual price may vary from patient to patient, depending upon the type of eyelid surgery and the extent of treatment. The price is all-inclusive and covers Dr. Pin's and the anesthesiologist fees, as well as the cost for the surgical facility and any overnight stay that may be indicated. There are no additional fees that will be requested on the day of surgery. There are significant price reductions available for multiple procedures, such as getting both the upper and lower eyelids or an eyelid and browlift procedure, done at the same time.

Financing Options

Patients may choose to finance their cosmetic eyelid procedure through a low-interest credit card. They can also set up other financing plans at the time of consultation. Dr. Pin also accepts cash or check as payment for surgery.

Dr. Pin asks that payment be made at the time of service for any office visits. Patients who have not paid for their procedure in advance are asked to bring payment with them on the day of surgery.

Dr. Pin's team is committed to working with patients to help make their cosmetic procedure as easy and painless as possible. This includes more than just the surgery itself, but also the entire payment process. To learn more about the costs of eyelid surgery, accepted payment options, and financing plans, contact Dr. Pin's Dallas practice today.