Comparing Breast Implant Incision Techniques

Thanks to breast augmentation surgery, women can achieve a fuller bustlines and better overall curves. The great thing about this procedure is that there are many ways that it can be performed, limiting scars while still enhancing a woman’s appearance.

We would like to go over the most common surgical incision techniques when performing breast augmentation surgery. We can discuss this and other breast implant options in greater detail during your visit to our Dallas plastic surgery practice.

Inframammary Incision Technique

The inframammary incision method involves an incision created along the underside of the breast. Typically the incision is placed along the crease where the chest meets the bottom of the breast. Through this incision, silicone and saline breast implants can be inserted and positioned.

This surgical incision gives plastic surgeons the most control over the placement of the implant. While the incision is on the breast itself, scars are typically well hidden by most tops, bathing suits, and undergarments. The scars from surgery fade gradually with time.

Periareolar Incision Technique

The periareolar incision method involves an incision made around the areola, the portion of skin around the nipple. Both silicone and saline breast implants can be placed through this surgical incision.

Periareolar incisions provide plastic surgeons with good control over the placement and positioning of a breast implant. While the incisions are made on a prominent part of the breast, the scars tend to blend in well with the edge of the areola and fade with time.

Transaxillary Incision Technique

The transaxillary incision method is one of the two common hidden-incision techniques. During this type of breast augmentation surgery, implants are inserted through an incision concealed in the armpit. Given the nature of the procedure, only saline breast implants can be placed in this way.

Transaxillary breast augmentation offers a number of advantages given that surgical scars are located away from the breasts. What’s more, these incisions are made on a part of the body that is rarely seen or scrutinized by others.

Transumbilical Incision Technique

The transumbilical incision method is the other hidden-incision technique. During this type of breast augmentation surgery, implants are inserted through an incision tucked away in the belly button. As with the transaxillary method, only saline breast implants can be placed using this surgical procedure.

The transumbilical breast augmentation is the most ideal hidden-incision method for many patients since the scars from surgery are unnoticeable. One would have to examine the navel and know what to look for in order to detect any signs of surgery.

Incisions for a Combined Beast Augmentation and Lift

If you are undergoing a combined breast augmentation and lift, surgeons will typically use a variation on the traditional incision method for a standard breast lift. During a breast lift, a circular incision is made around the areola, an incision is made along the crease at the underside of the breast, and a vertical incision is made along the lower slope of the breast to connect the previous incisions.

Rather than creating a standard anchor-shaped incision pattern, a plastic surgeon may use smaller or fewer incisions, allowing the implant to be placed and help with the lift process.

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