Caring for Arm Lift Scars

An arm lift procedure is designed to remove excess skin, tissue, and loose muscle from the underside of the upper arms. The procedure can either be done alone, or in conjunction with a liposuction procedure to remove excess pockets of fat from the arms.

One of the most common side effects from an arm lift procedure is the scar that most will run down the length of the inner arm. Dr. Paul Pin understands that many patients considering undergoing an arm lift procedure are concerned about the visibility of scars. Fortunately, there is much that can be done to minimize their appearance.

What Will the Scars Look Like?

In most cases, the scar will run from the armpit to the inner crease of the elbow, on the underside of the upper arm. In some cases, when the only areas of excess skin to be removed are in the upper area of the upper arm, patients may be good candidates for what is known as a short scar arm lift, which will only leave a crescent-shaped scar in the armpit.

Caring for the Arm Lift Incisions

The best way to properly care for arm lift incisions is to keep them clean and dry to prevent infection, which can lead to longer healing times, poor wound healing, and excessive scarring. Do not directly touch the incisions until they have fully healed over. Wash the hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before changing any dressings or bandages. Take all of the antibiotics that Dr. Pin has prescribed.

As part of the body's natural healing process, the arms will be swollen and bruised for the first two weeks, during the initial phase of healing. Reducing the amount and duration of bruising and swelling will help the body heal faster with less chance of excessive scarring. Taking the herb Arnica montana may help, as well as applying cold compresses and frozen gel packs to the area.

Reducing the Appearance of Scars

The scars from an arm lift procedure will never become completely invisible. It is perhaps the biggest drawback of the procedure. That being said, there are several techniques that patients can use to greatly reduce the appearance of scars.

  • Concealer: Perhaps the easiest method of reducing scars is to apply concealer makeup that matches the color of the surrounding skin tone. This should only be done once the incisions have fully healed over. If patients are concerned about transfer to clothing, a pressed powder concealer may work better than a liquid one.
  • Avoiding sunlight: Exposing scars to UV light will turn them a significantly different color from the surrounding skin. Dr. Pin recommends using a UV sun blocker with a high SPF for at least the first six to eight weeks following surgery.
  • Scar massage: Patients may notice that their arm lift scars feel tight or bunched. If this is the case, patients can try gently massaging the scars. This will help break up the thick scar tissue that may have built up, thereby improving the appearance of scars.

An arm lift procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of the arms. Proper care for healing scars will go a long way toward helping with that improved appearance.