AAFPRS 2018 Statistics

The results are in. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) has released findings from their annual member survey. These numbers reveal major trends in facial plastic surgery and anti-aging/rejuvenation options for 2018. Looking over the experiences of cosmetic surgeons, as well as their patients, helps us track trends in modern cosmetic treatment.

Dallas, TX plastic surgeon Paul G. Pin would like to look at some of the major findings from this year’s AAFPRS survey. We can go over these statistics and other matters of concern in more detail during an in-person consultation at our practice.

Overall Trends in Cosmetic Treatment

In terms of overall trends in facial cosmetic treatments, there’s an overall increase in surgical and non-surgical procedures. AAFPRS statistics found that facial surgery numbers are up 47% since 2013. Non-surgical treatments also saw major increases; BOTOX® injections, for instance, have gone up 22% since 2013.

Top Surgical Procedures

The following are the top three facial plastic surgery procedures based on the number of AAFPRS survey respondents who performed them:

  • Rhinoplasty/nose job - Performed by 96% of plastic surgeons in 2018
  • Revision/corrective surgery - Performed by 94% of plastic surgeons in 2018
  • Blepharoplasty/eye lift - Performed by 93% of plastic surgeons in 2018

Non-surgical Procedure Trends

According to AAFPRS numbers, a whopping four-fifths of procedures performed in 2018 were non-surgical. In addition to BOTOX® injections, this includes dermal filler injections, laser treatments, skin resurfacing procedures, chemical peels, and facials.

The allure of non-surgical procedures is that there is little downtime, no scarring, and a minor risk of complications. Non-surgical, non-invasive procedures have experienced steady increases in popularity over the years.

Patients Under 30 Undergoing More Cosmetic Treatment

The biggest trend identified in this AAFPRS survey involves millennials. It turns out that more patients age 30 and younger are undergoing cosmetic procedures.

A surprising 72% of facial plastic surgeons noted an increase in patients younger than 30. In fact, there has been a 24% increase in surgeries or injectables for young patients since 2013.

The AAFPRS considers the increase in millennial procedures to be a sign of “pre-juvenation.” Rather than waiting until you’re older to rejuvenate your appearance, young patients are trying to avoid signs of aging when they’re young.

Instead of eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, these young patients want smoother skin that glows and looks free from blemishes or sun damage.

The Impact of Influencer/Selfie Culture

The increased number of younger patients may have something to do with modern influencer and selfie culture. According to AAFPRS members surveyed, 97% felt that celebrities had a major impact on the outcomes their patients wanted to achieve from treatment.

Now that Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms are part of our daily lives, selfie and influencer culture may become even more influential in defining beauty for the foreseeable future.

An Emphasis on Natural Results

Finally, the AAFPRS survey found that patients want to undergo cosmetic treatments that look as natural as possible. 41% of plastic surgeons said their patients worried about unnatural results. This could also explain the popularity of revision/corrective surgeries.

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