Summer has finally arrived, which means it’s now finally time to grab that new bathing suit or backless sundress and show off the results of all the time you spent during winter and spring exercising and eating healthy. However, there may be a few trouble spots that didn’t quite respond to your efforts at healthy fat loss. Unfortunately, odds are rather good that those trouble spots will be on your back, which is a notoriously difficult spot from which to lose excess fat through just exercise and diet.

On the other hand, you may have lost a dramatic amount of weight, but are now left with excess, loose rolls of skin along your back. Regardless of the reason for you not being happy with your back, it can be almost discouraging enough to make you just want to hide in a cover up under a beach umbrella all summer long.

Well, before you give up entirely on having any fun this summer, Dallas plastic surgeon Paul Pin has some alternatives to consider for boosting your confidence so that you can look your best at the pool or on the beach. Either a liposuction or a back lift procedure can target that stubborn back fat to leave you with a smooth contour ideal for back-baring summer clothing.


A liposuction procedure is designed to target stubborn pockets of fat that still remain on your back, despite your regular exercise routine and a balanced, low-fat diet. For this procedure, Dr. Pin will start by making small incisions in the areas where the fat will be removed. He will then insert a thin, hollow metal tube (called a cannula) through each of the incisions to gently vacuum out the fat.

There are several means to make it easier to remove the fat, including low-level lasers and ultrasound, both of which will break up the fat cells. Dr. Pin can also use a tumescent liposuction technique to assist in fat removal. For this, he will first inject the areas for fat removal with a mix of a local anesthetic and epinephrine, which will cause the fat cells to swell and move closer to the surface of the skin, making them easier to access for removal.

Back Lift Procedure

Dr. Pin will recommend a back lift procedure in cases where you have already lost a large amount of weight, but are left with folds of excess loose skin. This excess skin occurs when it has been stretched so far that it has lost any elasticity, so will not conform to your new body shape after weight loss. A back lift procedure can be done alone or in conjunction with a back liposuction procedure.

For a back lift procedure, Dr. Pin will make an incision to allow him to lift up the skin and underlying tissue along the back. He will then tighten up any underlying back muscles that may have gotten loose, put the tissue and skin back over the new contour, remove the excess, and then suture the remaining skin back in place.

There’s no need to hide from all the fun in the sun this summer. A liposuction or back lift procedure may be just the finishing touch to get you looking your best.