Excess skin on the back of the upper arm is a frequent consequence of significant weight loss and aging. Men and women are often motivated to seek surgery for this problem when the skin is excessive enough to be unsightly, clothing may not fit properly due to the size and shape of the upper arms, or patients feel obligated to wear long sleeves to cover the upper arms. An arm lift or brachioplasty is designed to treat this problem.  Contact Dallas arm lift surgeon Paul Pin to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

The Arm Lift Procedure

Excess skin is removed to reduce the size of the arm and improve its contour. In mild cases, the excess skin can be removed from the armpit. This results in modest improvement and causes little scarring. As the problem becomes more severe, the incision must extend down the arm, toward the elbow. The length of the incision is directly related to the degree of the skin excess: the more skin to be removed, the longer the incision. The incision can be either on the inside of the arm or on the back of the arm. The incision on the inner aspect of the arm usually heals better, but is more obvious and removes less tissue. The incision on the back of the arm is preferred despite more scarring because it is less obvious and removes considerably more tissue. The choice is usually determined by the patient. An arm lift is usually done under general anesthesia, takes about two hours, usually as day surgery.

Featured Cases

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Frontal View - Right Arm - Arm Lift After Weight Loss

Arm Lift After Massive Weight Loss

This 47 year old woman had undergone massive weight loss but was still having trouble with her arms fitting into her sleeves.

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Frontal View - Right Arm - Arm Lift

Arm Lift After Weight Loss

This 54 year old woman was dissatisfied with her arms after her massive weight loss and underwent an arm lift to remove the excess skin.

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Frontal View - Right Arm - Arm Lift

Arm Lift

As a 62 year old woman, this patient was worried that her skin was poor quality and that an arm lift would not make much difference.

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Arm Lift Recovery

Since Dr. Pin always uses absorbable sutures, there are no bandages, no sutures to be removed and bathing is permitted the next day. Most of our Dallas arm lift patients can return to work within a week and feel that this operation is not associated with much pain. Exercise can resume in two weeks.

Dallas Arm Lift Consults

If you are tired of the "wings" that hang down from your arms, you might consider having an arm lift. Contact the Dallas practice of Dr. Paul Pin to learn more about the brachioplasty procedure.