You’ve worked hard toward your weight loss goals. You may finally have gotten to the point where you have the flat stomach you have always wanted. However, if your goals are not just fat loss in the abdominal region, but actual muscle definition, weight loss alone won’t do the trick.

Your abdominal muscles are normally covered by a thin layer of fat. Even if you already have a flat stomach, you may not necessarily have abdominal definition because of this layer of fat. If this is the case, there are specific exercises that focus on the body core, including the upper and lower abdominal muscle groups, as well as the obliques. Unfortunately, it takes dedication and time before you will start to see the results that you want.

You probably already know that a liposuction procedure is designed to remove stubborn pockets of excess fat that haven’t responded to an ongoing combination of a regular fat burning exercise routine and a balanced, low fat diet. However, if your goal from your cosmetic surgery is not just to remove excess fat, but achieve muscle definition in the abdominal region, Dr. Paul Pin recommends an abdominal etching procedure as part of your liposuction.

Dr. Pin can perform abdominal etching with liposuction at his Dallas, TX practice.

What Is the Advantage of Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching works similarly to liposuction, but with the added advantage of removing the excess abdominal fat in such a way as to sculpt the definition that you desire. In essence, it not only removes the abdominal fat that you want to get rid of, but will also sculpt the remaining fat to provide you with better definition. This procedure is ideal for patients that maintain a rigorous exercise routine before and after liposuction.

Abdominal Etching Procedure

An abdominal etching procedure uses the same basic technique as a full liposuction, but is designed to provide additional definition to the muscle groups in the abdominal region. Dr. Pin will first use a marker to outline your abdominal muscles to guide him during the surgical procedure. Next, he will make several small incisions in either the area around the navel or within the natural creases of the abdomen, which will make them less noticeable.

He will then insert a hollow tube, called a cannula, through the incisions to sculpt the abdominal region by removing the layer of fat by following the outlines of your muscle groups. You will be left with four or five small scars (no more than a quarter of an inch in length) from the incisions. An abdominal etching procedure by itself usually takes about an hour and can be done as an outpatient procedure using regional anesthesia. It can also be done as part of a standard liposuction procedure.

You’ve already done most of the hard work involved in losing weight and getting into shape. An abdominal etching procedure can be the finishing touch to give you the sculpted abs that will allow you to show off the results of your dedication to not only lose weight, but get toned muscles as well.